What should I do if I got a certificate error?

When try to visit the web interface via https in Chrome, such as the web interface of EAP Controller or Pharos CPE Series, it said server’s certificate is not trusted.
The certificate refers to how public websites trust each other. It is safe enough since we can make sure the IP address to be the same of the server’s.
Here are two examples for how to get through the certificate error when it occurred on TP-Link products.
1.    Get through Certificate error on Chrome
Click on Advanced -- Proceed to localhost (unsafe), the web interface of EAP Controller will show up.
2.    Get through Certificate error on Internet Explorer
While in Internet Explorer, you can just click on Continue to this website (not recommended) to visit the web interface.
This Article Suits for:
EAP245 , EAP115 , EAP220
User Application Requirement | Updated 03-22-2015 03:19:49 AM