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Upcoming Exhibitions
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  1. May.23.2008
    TP-LINK′s TL-WR941ND wins UK Computer shop Magazine "Budget Buy" Award
    TL-LINK′s TL-WR941ND new generation Wireless N Router makes an impact in UK Computer Shop Magazine. In their newest issue, Computer Shop recommends TL-WR941ND as "Budget Buy" award. The article indicates that TL-WR941ND performs very well when tested with
  2. May.12.2008
    TP-LINK′s TL-SL2210WEB received "Best Price Performance" Awards from Russian laboratory Techlabs
    TP-LINK′s TL-SL2210WEB Gigabit Web Smart Switch has been awarded "Best Price Performance" by Laboratory Techlabs, one of the most respectable Byelorussian and Russian Internet edition, which is the first time for TP-LINK′s switch products to gain awards i
  3. May.07.2008
    TP-LINK′s TL-WR841ND wins Hungary PC World "Test Winner" Award
    TP-LINK′s TL-WR841ND 300M Wireless N Router was praised as "Test Winner" award by Hungary PC World Magazine in their May issue, and although it′s not the first time TP-LINK gained award in Europe, it′s the first time in Hungary which represents a big forw
  4. May.04.2008
    TP-LINK shines in HongKong′s China Sourcing Fair as Best of Show Award
    TP-LINK, a global provider of SOHO networking products and No.1 market share holder in China, was exhibiting its innovative full range of products Wireless, ADSL, Router, Switch, Print Server, Media Converter, Network Adapters at China Sourcing Fair Sprin
  5. Apr.30.2008
    TP-Link is "Best in Class and Design" according to Russia′s Techlabs
    Two of TP-Link′s most successful products were recognized by TECHLABS, one of the most respectable Byelorussian and Russian Internet editions.
  6. Apr.23.2008
    TP-LINK′s TL-WR941ND and TL-WN821N Set Win Value Award in Hong Kong
    Hong Kong′s PC3 magazine awarded TP-Link′s TL-WR941ND Wireless N router and TL-WN821N Wireless N USB adapter set with their Value Award. This new product line from TP-Link is the next generation in wireless connectivity. Featuring the highest data transfe
  7. Feb.21.2008
    Australia′s PC User Magazine Gives TP-LINK′s TD-W8920G Their Best Buy Award
    TP-LINK′s TD-W8920G ADSL2+ Router was praised by Australia′s PC User magazine Australia′s top-selling, most-read technology magazine popular for its help, tips and tricks, and trusted for its hard-hitting reviews. In their March 2008 issue PC User awarded
  8. Jan.15.2008
    TP-LINK turns the 2007 Jakarta computer festival into one big hotspot
    There was no shortage of Internet access at the Jakarta Computer Festival last month as TP-Link showcased the power of its new line of 11n products. Using 40 wireless N routers and 300 wireless N LAN cards the whole of the Computer Festival was officially
  9. Jan.15.2008
    TP-LINK′s TL-WR841N 11N wireless router takes the top spot as it168.com′s "2007 Product of the year"
    The TP-LINK 11N series, since its launch, has preformed remarkably well. The wireless n series has seen impressive market advancements due to its improved performance in speed, range and stability, most remarkable of which has been the TL-WR841N. Due to t
  10. Jan.15.2008
    TP-LINK′s TL-WR642G shines again as singapore′s hardware magazine gives a sterling review
    TP-LINK′s TL-WR642G struck silver with Singapore′s Hardware Magazine in their January issue and though this is not the first time that this Super G 108Mbps Wireless router has received international recognition, it is the first time in Singapore, where TP
  11. Dec.25.2007
    TP-LINK has been commended for bringing their latest new technology to market at a great affordable price in Hong Kong. 802.11n is the latest in wireless networking technology and is sure to change the way that average people create networks and connect t
  12. Dec.25.2007
    December 06, 2007- Sao Paulo, Brazil- TP-LINK, the global provider of SOHO networking products and No.1 market share holder in China, today announced its new Draft 2.0 802.11n Wireless Routers (TL-WR941N) to the global market in a cooperative launch with