TP-LINK Shines in Iran for Winning the Top IT & Telecom Award Iranian Technology Award of 2008

Mar.06.2009 Facebook icon E-mail icon

TP-LINK shines in Iran for winning Iranian Technology Award (ITA), the most credited and most reputable IT & Telecom award granted to few companies each year. It is the only one enjoying this honor in all networking brands in this country.
ITA is the top IT & Telecom award in Iran to companies for the achievements in related fields or for success in the market with one of their products or services, such as Best Laptop, Best Networking Products, Best Computer Peripherals, Best Telecom Service, Best Internet Service, Best Software & Best Warranty Service... This award is granted to the selected companies by the biggest IT organization named Asre Ertebat, which in Persian means: "Communications Era". Asre Ertebat is the same organization that publishes the most credited technical/commercial IT magazine in Iran.
Being our excellent partnership, EFS has been selected among all companies in networking field, for its achievement in development of TP-LINK Networking Products in Iran market. Congratulations to EFS! This is a very great honor achieved by EFS: even companies enjoying long history and famous brands can not easily gain this award. There are lots of companies active in networking field in Iran, some of which have established for more than 20 years in Iran IT business; however, the outstandingly big growth of TP-LINK brand in 2008 and wide penetration in the market, which is fulfilled by EFS, has caused Asre Ertebat to grant this award to EFS among other nominees in 2008.
The ITA Award was presented to EFS by the Iran High Council of Informatics (the supervising organization of Iranian IT companies). All IT officials of Iran government including the Ministry officials were present in the big ITA ceremony.


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