How to access L2 managed switch via console port?

The asynchronous serial console port is used to connect the device to the console managing the device.

Please connect your switch to the main computer with a console cable.

Note : At this time the switch is power off.


Start the Hyper Terminal.

Click start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> Communications -> Hyper Terminal to run Hyper Terminal.


Step 2

Create a new connection (i.e. TPLINK) and click OK.


Step 3

Choose the serial portal that will be used to connect the Console cable to the Switch( i.e. COM1 )


Step 4

Set the properties of COM1 and click OK.

Bits per second :

38400 for TL-SG3109, TL-SL3452, TL-SL3428 , TL-SL5428E ;

9600 for TL-SG5426, TL-SL5428 .

Data bits : 8

Parity : None

Stop bits : 1

Flow control : None

Step 5

Power on the switch, then click Enter, the configure window of Hyper Terminal shown as below would pop up.

Now, we can configure the switch via the console port.



Windows 7 and vista don´t have the Hyper Terminal software, so you may copy the relevant module of Hyper Terminal in XP to them to restore the Hyper Terminal: Copy hypertrm.dll and hypertrm.exe from a XP computer and put them in a new file in your Win 7 or Vista computer. Then run the hypertrm.exe. The rest process is exactly the same as shown in this article.

This Article Suits for:
TL-SG5428 , T2700G-28TQ , T2600G-28TS
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