Case Studies

Get an idea of how TP-LINK's products benefit its customers.
  • Tang Palace Restaurant
    TP-LINK Provides Wireless Coverage for Fine Dining Chinese Restaurant in Dubai
    RestaurantAuranet Business Wi-Fi
  • Roda Hotels
    TP-LINK Helps Employees of Roda Hotels Stay Connected
    Staff AccommodationAuranet Business Wi-Fi
  • Ilyas & Mustafa Galadari Group
    TP-LINK Provides Wireless Coverage to the Staff Accommodation in Dubai
    Staff AccommodationAuranet Business Wi-Fi
  • TV Skyline
    TV Skyline is an innovative television and broadcasting service provider equipped with the latest and highest-quality broadcast technology.
    SwitchBroadcasting Station
  • Local WISP in Indonesia
    TP-LINK Helps Local WISP Provide Long Distance Wireless Connectivity in Indonesia
    WISP Pharos Wireless Broadband
  • TSUI WAH Restaurant
    TP-LINK Helps TSUI WAH Restaurant Provide Wi-Fi Coverage in Hong Kong
    Restaurant Auranet Business Wi-Fi
  • Calasanz School
    TP-LINK Helps Calasanz School Provide Wireless Coverage in Colombia
    School Auranet Business Wi-Fi
  • Texas Roadhouse
    TP-LINK Helps Texas Roadhouse Build Reliable Network
    Restaurant Switch
  • Soborka ISP
    TP-LINK Helps ISP Soborka Provide Better Service for Subscribers
    ISP Switch
  • Sim Lim Square
    Singapore’s largest IT and electronics shopping mall, Sim Lim Square, deploys TP-LINK Auranet Indoor Wi-Fi solution
    Shopping MallAuranet Business Wi-Fi
  • Kos Aktis Art Hotel
    Provide Better Wi-Fi for the Unique Destination in Greece
    HotelAuranet Business Wi-Fi
  • Patmos Aktis Suites & Spa
    Improving Guest Satisfaction and Loyalty with Great Wi-Fi
    HotelAuranet Business Wi-Fi
  • Chase Grammar School
    TP-LINK Helps Chase Grammar School Accelerates Learning with BYOD
    SchoolAuranet Business Wi-Fi
  • Barranquilla Plaza Hotel
    TP-LINK Helps Barranquilla Plaza Hotel Builds a Reliable and Efcient Network
    HotelAuranet Business Wi-Fi
  • Peru WISP
    TP-LINK Helps WISP to Provide Reliable Wireless Connectivity in Peru
    WISPPharos Wireless Broadband
  • Hotel Mary Colombia
    TP-LINK Provides Wireless Coverage to Economy Hotels in Colombia
    HotelAuranet Business Wi-Fi
  • Grupoinfo24-TP-LINK
    TP-LINK Helps Grupoinfo24 to Build Reliable and Affordable Business Network