3G/4G USB Modem Compatibility List for TL-MR3220


  1. Please firstly “select location” from the drop-down list and refer to the local ISP and 3G/4G USB modem information;
  2. If your country is not in the list, please take “Other Location” option as reference Only.
    Please note, due to firmware upgrading or various parameters changed by some 3G/4G ISPs, there are some 3G/4G modems in the "Other Location" list that may NOT be compatible with our routers.
  3. If your 3G/4G USB modem is listed but not recognized by the router, please refer to the following steps to have a try:
    • Download and upgrade the router with the latest firmware,which is always compatible with more 3G/4G USB modems and available at  our website
    • If the problem still remains, please go to 3G/4G Modem Bin File Center to check whether there is a bin file for your 3G/4G USB modem.
    • If your 3G/4G USB modem finally failed to be recognized by the router, please feel free to contact our technical support.
  4. If you found a 3G/4G Modem is not listed but compatible with our 3G/4G router, please feel free to tell us, your kindly help is very valuable for other customers.
  5. 4G LTE Modems Compatibility apply to TL-MR3220 Version 2.0 ONLY.
ISP Model No. Brand
Orange ADU895-A AnyDATA
Orange E160 HUAWEI
Orange E160G HUAWEI
Orange E169 HUAWEI
Orange E173s-2 HUAWEI
Orange E173u-2 HUAWEI
Orange E1752c HUAWEI
Orange E3131h-2 HUAWEI
Orange E3131s-2 HUAWEI
Orange E3272s-153 HUAWEI
Orange E3276s-150* HUAWEI
Orange E3372s-153 HUAWEI
Orange E353s-2 HUAWEI
Orange E372 HUAWEI
Orange E372u-8 HUAWEI
Orange E398u-1 HUAWEI
Orange CS-15 NOKIA
Orange MA180 TP-LINK
Orange MA260 TP-LINK
Orange K3805-Z ZTE
Orange MF112 ZTE
Orange MF669 (V2 Only) ZTE
Orange MF821* ZTE
Orange MF823* ZTE
Play DWM-157 DLINK
Play E160 HUAWEI
Play E169 HUAWEI
Play E173s-2 HUAWEI
Play E173u-2 HUAWEI
Play E1750 HUAWEI
Play E220 HUAWEI
Play E3131h-2 HUAWEI
Play E3131s-2 HUAWEI
Play E3272s-153 * HUAWEI
Play E3276s-150* HUAWEI
Play E3372s-153 HUAWEI
Play E353U-2 HUAWEI
Play E353s-2 HUAWEI
Play E372u-8 HUAWEI
Play E398u-1 (4G) HUAWEI
Play CS-15 NOKIA
Play MA180 TP-LINK
Play MA260 TP-LINK
Play K3805-Z ZTE
Play MF669 (V2 Only) ZTE
Play MF821 (4G) * ZTE
Play MF823* ZTE
Polsat DWM-157 DLINK
Polsat E160G HUAWEI
Polsat E173s-2 HUAWEI
Polsat E182E HUAWEI
Polsat E3131h-2 HUAWEI
Polsat E3131s-2 HUAWEI
Polsat E3272s-153 HUAWEI
Polsat E3276s-150* HUAWEI
Polsat E3372s-153 HUAWEI
Polsat E353s-2 HUAWEI
Polsat E367 HUAWEI
Polsat E372u-8 HUAWEI
Polsat E398u-1 (4G) HUAWEI
Polsat CS-15 NOKIA
Polsat MA180 TP-LINK
Polsat MA260 TP-LINK
Polsat MF668 ZTE
Polsat MF669 (V2 Only) ZTE
Polsat MF821 (4G) * ZTE
Polsat MF823* ZTE
Aero2 DWM-157 DLINK
Aero2 E169 HUAWEI
Aero2 E173s-2 HUAWEI
Aero2 E173u-2 HUAWEI
Aero2 E3131h-2 HUAWEI
Aero2 E3131s-2 HUAWEI
Aero2 E3272s-153 HUAWEI
Aero2 E3276s-150* HUAWEI
Aero2 E3372s-153 HUAWEI
Aero2 E353s-2 HUAWEI
Aero2 E372u-8 HUAWEI
Aero2 E398u-1 HUAWEI
Aero2 K3805-Z ZTE
Aero2 MF669 (V2 Only) ZTE
Aero2 MF821 (4G) * ZTE
Aero2 MF823* ZTE
Plus DWM-157 DLINK
Plus E169 HUAWEI
Plus E173s-2 HUAWEI
Plus E173u-2 HUAWEI
Plus E1750 HUAWEI
Plus E180 HUAWEI
Plus E220 HUAWEI
Plus E3131h-2 HUAWEI
Plus E3131s-2 HUAWEI
Plus E3272s-153 HUAWEI
Plus E3276s-150* HUAWEI
Plus E3372s-153 HUAWEI
Plus E353U-2 HUAWEI
Plus E353s-2 HUAWEI
Plus E398u-1 (4G) HUAWEI
Plus CS-15 NOKIA
Plus MA180 TP-LINK
Plus MA260 TP-LINK
Plus K3805-Z ZTE
Plus MF631 ZTE
Plus MF669 ZTE
Plus MF821* ZTE
Plus MF823* ZTE
T-Mobile x221S ALCATEL
T-Mobile DWM-157 DLINK
T-Mobile E122 HUAWEI
T-Mobile E160 HUAWEI
T-Mobile E160G HUAWEI
T-Mobile E169 HUAWEI
T-Mobile E173s-1 HUAWEI
T-Mobile E173s-2 HUAWEI
T-Mobile E173u-2 HUAWEI
T-Mobile E180 HUAWEI
T-Mobile E1823 HUAWEI
T-Mobile E220 HUAWEI
T-Mobile E3131h-2 HUAWEI
T-Mobile E3131s-2 HUAWEI
T-Mobile E3272s-153 HUAWEI
T-Mobile E3276s-150* HUAWEI
T-Mobile E3372s-153 HUAWEI
T-Mobile E372u-8 HUAWEI
T-Mobile E398u-1 (4G) HUAWEI
T-Mobile CS-15 NOKIA
T-Mobile MA180 TP-LINK
T-Mobile MA260 TP-LINK
T-Mobile K3805-Z ZTE
T-Mobile MF631 ZTE
T-Mobile MF669 ZTE
T-Mobile MF821* ZTE
T-Mobile MF823* ZTE
Not ISP Specific AirCard® USB 308 Sierra Wireless
Not ISP Specific COMPASS™ 885 Sierra Wireless