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How to make my TP-LINK Smart Plug work with Amazon Echo?

Suitable for: HS110, HS100, HS200

Before we start:

1. At first, we need enable Remote Control in Kasa and link your TP-LINK Smart Plug with a TP-LINK Cloud Account.


Please follow this FAQ if you don’t know the details with TP-LINK Cloud Account setup:

How to create a Cloud Account for my TP-LINK Smart Plug in Kasa to allow Kasa to control it remotely?


2. You should know the name of your TP-LINK Smart Plug before you use voice commands to control it via Amazon Echo.

Login Kasa APP and you can see the name of your Smart Plugs.


Tap the device you want to change the name.


Here I name it as “Lamp”.

You can change it whatever you like, such as “Light”.


IMG_3960 IMG_3962




Let’s start:

  1. Log in Alexa APP, and in Home page, tap setting to go to its Settings page.


2. Tap “SMART HOME”.


3. In “Your Smart Home Skills”, Tap “Get More Smart Home Skills” to enable Kasa skills.



4. Then searching KASA as keyword in search bar and you will find KASA APP, please enable it.


5. Then there will be a pop window in Alexa APP showed as below. Please login with your TP-LINK Cloud Account which you use in your Kasa APP (It’s your cloud account too).


6. Click “Authorize” to link your TP-LINK Cloud Account with Alexa. If you get the notification showed as below, that means you have already linked them successfully and you can leave this page.

Note: The TP-LINK Cloud Account you link here must be the same as the one you use in your Kasa APP.



7. Congratulations! Now you will see Kasa APP connected to the Alexa, but we need to do the last step: Discover devices. Please tap the button.


After a few seconds’ finding, your smart plug will be shown in your Devices list, which means that your smart plug has been successfully connected to your Echo.



Now you can enjoy your smart life:

As the name of my TP-LINK Smart Plug is “Lamp”. If I say “Alexa, turn off Lamp”, Amazon Echo will turn off this Smart Plug. Every time you change the Smart Plug’s name, you need to tap Discover devices button to update the name.

Note: Lamp is which I named in Before Start step, if you name it as “Light”, then you say “Alexa, turn off  Light” , Amazon Echo will turn off  this Smart Plug.