[FAQ ID: 45]How to install the TL-WN651G_650G_620G_610G_551G_550G_510G´s driver by running the Setup.exe program

Suitable for: TL-WN510G, TL-WN550G, TL-WN551G, TL-WN610G, TL-WN620G, TL-WN650G, TL-WN651G

Note: The article is for Windows 98SE, ME, 2000 and XP. And we take “Install TL-WN510G in Windows XP” as example.

You may get an error Code 39 if you follow the “Found New Hardware Wizard” step by step to install the driver of TL-WN510G shown as below.

This error code means the driver has not been installed successfully.

To install the driver successfully, please follow the steps below.

After plug the TL-WN 510G into the computer, the “Found New Hardware Wizard” window will appear. Click “Cancel” button to cancel the wizard and then insert the CD disk to the CD-ROM to start the installation.

Step 1: Open the CD Disk in “My Computer”:

Step 2: Select and open the folder “TL-WN510G” in the CD disk. Find the “Setup.exe”, double-click to run it.

Step 3: Click “Next” button to go on the installation.

Step 4: Click “Yes” button with red mark to continue.

Step 5: Select the folder which you want to install the driver software.

Step 6: Click “Next” button to install the TP-LINK Wireless Client Utility (TWCU) recommended.

Step 7: When the window below appears, please always click “Continue Anyway” button to go on the installation.

Step 8: Click “Finish” button to complete the installation and restart your computer.

Step 9: After the computer restart, you can find the “Wireless Client Utility” icon is in the taskbar. Double click on the red marked signal icon to open TL-WN510G Wireless Client Utility.

Step 10: Switch to “Profile Management” tab, and click “Scan” button to scan the wireless network signal.

Then highlight the correct SSID of the wireless network, click “Activate” button to connect.

At last you can check the signal strength in the “Current Status” tab or on the taskbar.