[FAQ ID: 420]How to Use the Local Storage Sharing Feature

Suitable for: TD-W8968, TL-WDR3600, TL-WDR4300, TL-WR1042ND, TL-WR1043ND, TL-WR2543ND, TL-WR842ND

The Local storage sharing feature allows you to share a USB storage device that’s connected to the router, (USB Drive or mobile Hard Disk Drive) to other wired or wireless users on the same network.
Plug the USB storage into the USB port of the TP-LINK router and wait until the USB LED is solid green.

You can access the USB Storage by the following steps:
For Windows Users:
Windows XP:
Go to Start > Run
Input \\tplinklogin.net in the dialog box.
Click OK
Windows Vista/7:
Go to Start
Type “run” in the search box
Open the run application
Input \\tplinklogin.net in the dialog box.
Click OK

For Mac OS X Users:
On the top tray, go to Go > Connect to Server
Input Server Address smb://tplinklogin.net
Click Connect

For Linux Users:
On the top tray, go to Places > Connect to Server
Choose Service type Windows share
Input Server tplinklogin.net
Input the corresponding Folder name e.g. Volume9
Click Connect

Some USB storage devices may require using the bundled external power.

If you want to setup different accounts for access rights protection, please log into to the Web management page and set it on USB Settings > Storage Sharing and USB Settings > User Accounts.