[FAQ ID: 310]Why TL-PA101 Utility could not detect any HomePlug Adapter on Windows 7

Suitable for: TL-PA101

Our TL-PA101 v1.0 Utility is not compatible with Windows 7. Though you could install it successfully on Windows 7, the Utility couldn’t work normally. Operations on this Utility would cause the error message “The HomePlug Adapter was not detected. Please check your computer cables”, showed as below:
Because TL-PA101 v1 has been discontinued for some time, we won’t have any newer utility released for version one.
Without Utility, PA101s could still be working fine as long as their network names keep the same.  For users who need to use Utility, please install it on other Windows Operating Systems. Sorry for any inconvenience.

P.S. The difference in appearance between TL-PA101 V1.0 and V2.0:
TL-PA101 V 1.0 has a white and black panel.
TL-PA101 V2.0 has an all-black panel.