[FAQ ID: 260]What is the Difference between unmanaged switch, web smart switch and managed switch?

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Unmanaged Switch

You are not able to configure the unmanaged switch for it doesn’t support any configuration interface and options. They are plug-and-play, so you only need to connect your computer or other network devices to the unmanaged switch directly. If there are no advanced applications needed, the unmanaged switch should be the best choice. Normally, the unmanaged switch will be found in the home, SOHO or small business.

Web Smart Switch

Web Smart switch supports basic settings, such as VLAN, MAC address binding, rate limit setting and so on. For the normal users, the web smart switch is friendly. We need not to remember many command, we can use the web interface to configure the switch. Certainlyyou are not able to manage the web smart switch via SNMP,CLI ,telnet .The price of web smart switch is much lower than full managed switch, so if you only want to build a simple business network, you can choose the Web Smart switch.

Managed Switch

These switches support more methods to change the setting of switch, you can connect one console cable to the managed switch and use the CLI to configure the operation of switch, you can use telnet, SNMP, SSH, SSL to manage the switch also. The Managed switch support more advanced functions, if there are loops in your network, STP,RSTP,MSTP can help you; if you want to increase the security level of your network, you can configure 802.1X,ACL,port security function; the managed switch supports multiple VLAN according to your demand. You can use managed switch to build a resiliency and availability network. So if you want to support a solution for one office or college, the managed switch is the indispensable device.