[FAQ ID: 138]Why can not I access the Internet after connecting the TP-LINK router to my modem

Suitable for: Routers, 300Mbps Wireless N Routers, 150Mbps Wireless N Routers, 54Mbps Wireless G Routers, N750 Wireless Dual Band Routers, N600 Wireless Dual Band Routers, N900 Wireless Dual Band Routers

Problem Description:
If you can access the Internet by directly connecting your computer to the modem, but after you added a router into your network then find no Internet access, please try the solutions below:



Method 1  Power Cycle Modem and Router

 TP-LINK routers can Plug&Play with most modems, but sometimes we need to do a "Power Cycle" to re-establish the connection:

1) Power off your modem and TP-LINK router, leave them off for 1 minute; 
2) Power on your modem first, wait about
2 minutes until it get a solid cable or Internet light;
3) Power back  TP-LINK router;
4) Wait another 1 or 2 minutes and check the Internet access.

If this method can not fix your Internet issue, please continue to try the other methods below.
Please note, Power Cycle is also needed when you finish the each method.


Method 2 Change the WAN Connection Type to Dynamic IP.

Before you install the TP-Link Router, if your computer (directly connected to your ADSL\Cable modem) is able to access the Internet automatically without running any additional program, please use Dynamic IP as the WAN connection type.TP-LINK Router use Dynamic IP mode by default, if you didn’t change this setting before,please skip to next method.

Step1 Open the web browser and type the LAN IP address of the router in the address bar, the default IP address of TP-LINK router is or, and then press Enter.

Note: if you can not access the web page, please check the IP address of your computer or reconfigure the IP address of your computer.
Step 2  Type the username and password in the login page, the default username and password  are both admin.


1. If you got a server error -401, it means you entered a wrong username or password.
    If you forget the user name or password that you set, you need to reset the router to factory default settings.
2.  If the login page can not display, please refer to Why I can not log into the Web-based Utility/Management Page of TP-LINK wireless router to check the problem.
Step 3  Click Network->WAN in the left menu , and change the WAN Connection Type to Dynamic IP Address then click the Save button.


Step 4  Wait for a few minutes and check the WAN part on the Status page,  if it shows any IP address (similar as below), that means the connection between the Router and the Modem is established.
Step 5 If the IP adress remains, please try Power Cycle or next method "Clone the MAC address".

Method 3 Clone the MAC address. 

Some ISP will register the MAC address of your computer when you access the Internet for the first time through theirCable modem, if you add a router into your network to share your Internet connection, the ISP will not accept it as the MAC address is changed, so we need to clone your previous computer's MAC address to the router.
1. Make sure that you are connected to the TP-LINK Router with the computer that was originally connected to your Cable modem, then log on to the management click Network->MAC Clone on the left side.

2. Click Clone MAN Address,this function will clone your PC’s MAC address to WAN MAC Address of the router.
If the this method still can not work, please try Power Cycle or next method.


Method 4 Change the LAN IP address of the router.

Most TP-LINK routers use as their default LAN IP address, it may be conflicting with the IP range of your existent ADSL modem. If so,the router is not able to communicate with your modem and cause you can’t access the Internet. To resolve the problem, we need to change the LAN IP address of the router to aviod such conflict, for example, 
Click Network->LAN in the left side menu, then change the IP Address to another one (for example,, then click “Save”.

Note: after you changed the LAN IP address, next time you need to use the new IP address to access the router’s management page and renew a IP address for your computer
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