[FAQ ID: 136]How do I update the firmware of my TP-LINK Router

Suitable for: Routers

Download correct firmware for your router from our website http://www.tp-link.com and extract the file.
Before you downloading the firmware, you’d better discern the hardware version of your router in order to download the correct version of firmware.
There are two ways to upgrade the firmware, please follow the correct one to upgrade for your router.
1. By locating the firmware file
Step 1 Open the web browser and type the IP address of the wireless router (default is into the address bar and then Press Enter.
Step 2 Type the username and password in the login page, the default username and password both are admin.
Step 3 Select System Tools->Firmware on the left side, then click Browse.

Step 4 Locate and select the correct firmware file for the router, click OK.
Step 5 Click Upgrade button to start upgrade, wait for a few minutes till the upgrade complete and the router reboot.
2. By using TFTP server
Some versions of router need to use TFTP server for upgrade, please follow the below steps:
Step 1 Run the tftpd32.exe program.
1.     Make certain that the Current Directory is pointing to the directory that contains that firmware for upgrade, otherwise, click Browse to locate and select the correct folder.
2.     Make certain that the Server interfaces shows the IP address of your computer which is running the tftpd32 program.
3.     You’d better put the Tftpd32.exe program and the firmware in the same folder, so you need not to change the Current directory on Tftpd32.

Step 2 Log into your router, and click System Tools->Firmware on the left side.
Type the full correct firmware name with the extension file type and the TFTP server IP address which is the IP address of the computer that running Tftpd32 program

Step 3 Click Upgrade button to start upgrade, wait for a few minutes till the upgrade complete and the router reboot.
1. Ensure the firmware version is correct for your router.
2. DO NOT upgrade over wireless connection, it may cause failure to upgrade and damage the router. Only use hard-wired connection for upgrade.
3. Make certain that the power supply is stable and can not be cut off during the upgrade.
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