[FAQ ID: 119]How to install TP-LINK wireless router working with the cable modem in Singapore

Suitable for: 300Mbps Wireless N Routers, 150Mbps Wireless N Routers, 54Mbps Wireless G Routers, N750 Wireless Dual Band Routers, N600 Wireless Dual Band Routers, N900 Wireless Dual Band Routers

This FAQ is for most satellite and cable connections, especially the users who own a MOTOROLA cable modem provided by StarHub in Singapore.

Before we begin, please make sure you can access the Internet via the Cable Modem directly.

If you couldn’t, please fix the Internet connection at first or contact your ISP for help.

Then follow the steps below to set up the network.

1.     Power off your PC, Cable/DSL Modem, and the TP-LINK router.

2.     Locate an optimum location for the router. The best location is usually near the center zone of your place.

3.     Adjust the direction of the antenna. Normally, upright direction is a good choice.

4.     Connect the PC(s) and each Switch/Hub to the LAN Ports on the router as shown in figure 1. (If you want to use the wireless network, please skip this step.)

5.     Connect the Cable Modem to the WAN port on the router, as shown in figure 1.


6.     Configure your PC’s IP address. You can assign an IP address to the computer manually or make it obtain an IP address automatically. Refer to How to configure TCP/IP Properties of your computer for more details.

7.     Open the web browser, input the default IP address in the address bar and login the web-based configuration page with default username and password which are both “admin” in lower case.

     Note: The address is NOT on the Internet. The web-based configuration website is built-in to the router.


8.     Click Network->MAC Clone on the left side.

9.     Click Clone MAC Address to clone your PC’s MAC address to   WAN MAC Address of the router.

10.    Click Save to save the settings.

11.    Click Network->LAN on the left side and change the LAN IP address to to avoid IP conflict with the cable modem.


12.    Then click Save button and wait the router reboot.

13.    Start your network in this order:

a) Reboot the modem and wait two minutes until the LEDs on the modem are stable.

b) Reboot the router.

14.    The network has been set up already, now you can try the Internet.