[FAQ ID: 153]How to connect Xbox 360 to TP-LINK Wireless Router via Wireless

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Firstly we declare that TP-LINK Wireless Routers support Xbox Live. If your Xbox 360 failed to connect to the Xbox Live, you should be using the Xbox 360 Wireless Network Adapter to connect to the TP-LINK Wireless Router. The solution below helps you to create a successful wireless connection between Xbox 360 wireless adapter and TP-LINK Wireless Router.
Part 1: Change the Region setting
With the current latest firmware of TP-LINK Wireless Router, if the value of the Region setting is United States, we have found out that Xbox 360 wireless adapter can’t connect to the TP-Link Router via wireless successfully. Please follow the solution below to avoid the bug until we release a new firmware to fix the bug.
Solution: Select Canada, Australia, China or others instead of United States, which is the default of the Region Setting.
Note: United States and UK can’t be selected.
How to configure the Region Setting option in TP-LINK Router?
Step 1
Open the web browser and type the IP address of the wireless router (default is into the address bar and then Press Enter.
The LAN IP changes by model. Please find it on the bottom label of the product.
Step 2
Type the username and password in the login page, the default username and password both are admin.
Step 3
Click Wireless->Wireless Settings on the left hand, and then select Canada in the field of Region instead of United States.
Step 4
Click Save button to save the configuration.
After changing the value of Region Setting, if you still get a failure, please check the Wireless Security of TP-LINK Router.
Part 2: Check the Wireless Security
After login to the web management page of TP-LINK Wireless Router, go to Wireless -> Wireless Setting or Wireless Security page of the router’s web-based utility, and check if the router enabled Wireless Security.
We recommend WEP or WPA-PSK security type if you ticked Enable Wireless Security. Then when you configure Xbox 360 connecting to the router, the wireless security password (key) is needed.
If you are not familiar with wireless security, please firstly try to disable wireless security. Without wireless security, the Xbox 360 wireless adapter will directly connect to the router after detect the router.
To disable Wireless Security of TP-LINK Router, please uncheck the option “Enable Wireless Security” or check Disable Security: