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We verify the UMTS/HSPA/EVDO USB modem compatibility worldwide for customers

3G devices differ from other devices due both, to the regions in which they are used, the devices that they pair with, and a combination of the two. This means that, though a 3G router may be compatible with a certain 3G USB dongle; there may be a conflict from one region in which is it used to another, preventing the use of the product. Ultimately this means that when testing such products for compatibility, said tests must be conducted individually on each individual 3G device in every region that they may be used, to ensure 100% compatibility.

TP-LINK has made certain that our 3G routers are compatible with the ISPs in the regions in which they are sold and using the 3G devices available for those regions. We have teams around the globe continually testing our 3G routers in new regions and with new products to ensure that end users can feel confident that the product that they buy will work as intended with almost any device they use and in almost any region they are in.

Tested Compatible 3G Modems

Test photo in the United States