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Windows 8 Compatibility List
for TP-LINK Products

To continue providing end users with quality user experiences and high-quality service, TP-LINK has brought out Windows 8 compatibility support on our certain products.

Please find the detailed product compatibility list below. This list will be updated frequently until all products have been updated.

1. For the model marked with "Compatible",no update is required. If the Windows 8 failed to install the driver automatically, please follow the FAQ to install the driver manually.
2. How do I find the hardware version of a TP-LINK product?

Model & VersionCompatibility
Archer C7 V1 compatible Compatible
TL-WDR4900 V1 compatible Compatible
TL-WDR4300 V1 compatible Compatible
TL-WDR3600 V1 compatible Compatible
TL-WDR3500 V1compatible Compatible
TL-WR1043ND V1compatible Compatible
TL-WR1042ND V1compatible Compatible
TL-WR941ND V3compatible Compatible
TL-WR941ND V5 compatible Compatible
TL-WR940N V1compatible Compatible
TL-WR940N V2 compatible Compatible
TL-WR843ND V1compatible Compatible
TL-WR842ND V1compatible Compatible
TL-WR841ND V8compatible Compatible
TL-WR841N V8compatible Compatible
TL-WR743ND V1compatible Compatible
TL-WR743ND V2 compatible Compatible
TL-WR741ND V4.2xcompatible Compatible
TL-WR740N V4.2xcompatible Compatible

TL-WR710N V1

compatible Compatible
TL-WR702N V1compatible Compatible
TL-WR700N V1compatible Compatible
TL-MR3020 V1compatible Compatible
TL-MR3040 V1compatible Compatible
TL-MR3220 V2compatible Compatible
TL-MR3420 V2compatible Compatible
M5350 V1 compatible Compatible
TL-R402M V3compatible Compatible
TL-R460 V4compatible Compatible
TL-R860 V4compatible Compatible
Model & VersionCompatibility
32bits 64bits
TL-WDN4800 V1compatible Compatible compatible Compatible
TL-WDN3800 V1 compatible Compatible compatible Compatible
TL-WDN3200 V1compatible Compatible compatible Compatible
TL-WN8200ND V1 Update Required  Update Required
TL-WN7200ND V1 compatible Compatible compatible Compatible
TL-WN951N V3compatible Compatible compatible Compatible
TL-WN951N V1 compatible Compatible compatible Compatible
TL-WN881ND V1compatible Compatible compatible Compatible
TL-WN823N V1compatible Compatible compatible Compatible
TL-WN822N V2 Update Required  Update Required
TL-WN822N V3 compatible Compatible compatible Compatible
TL-WN821N V4compatible Compatible compatible Compatible
TL-WN821N V3  Update Required update-requared Update Required
TL-WN781ND V1 compatible Compatible compatible Compatible
TL-WN781ND V2compatible Compatible compatible Compatible
TL-WN727N V3compatible Compatible compatible Compatible
TL-WN723N V3 compatible Compatible compatible Compatible
TL-WN725N V2 compatible Compatible compatible Compatible
TL-WN722NC V1Update Requared Update Required Update Requared Update Required
TL-WN722N V1  Update Required Update Requared Update Required
TL-WN721N V1  Update Required Update Requared Update Required
TL-WN422G V2 Update Requared Update Required Update Requared Update Required
TL-WN422GC V2 Update Requared Update Required Update Requared Update Required
TL-WN350GD V1 compatible Compatible compatible Compatible
TL-WN322G V3 Update Requared Update Required Update Requared Update Required
TF-3239DL V3 compatible Compatible compatible Compatible
TG-3269 V3 compatible Compatible compatible Compatible
TG-3468 V2 compatible Compatible compatible Compatible
Access Points
Model & VersionCompatibility
TL-WA850RE V1 compatible Compatible
TL-WA750RE V1 compatible Compatible
TL-WA730RE V2compatible Compatible
TL-WA830RE V1compatible Compatible
TL-WA701ND V2compatible Compatible
TL-WA801ND V2compatible Compatible
TL-WA901ND V2 compatible Compatible
TL-WA901ND V3compatible Compatible
TL-WA5110G V2compatible Compatible
TL-WA5210G V1compatible Compatible
ADSL2+ Modem Routers
Model & VersionCompatibility
TD-VG3631 V1 compatible Compatible
TD-VG3511 V1 compatible Compatible
TD-W8980 V1 compatible Compatible
TD-W8970 V1compatible Compatible
TD-W8968 V1compatible Compatible
TD-W8960N V4compatible Compatible
TD-W8961ND V3compatible Compatible
TD-W8961NB V3compatible Compatible
TD-W8950ND V1compatible Compatible
TD-W8951ND V5compatible Compatible
TD-W8951NB V5compatible Compatible
TD-W8901N V1 compatible Compatible
TD-W8151N V3compatible Compatible
TD-8840T V4compatible Compatible
TD-8816 V7compatible Compatible
SOHO Switches
Model & VersionCompatibility
TL-SF1005D V10compatible Compatible
TL-SF1008D V7compatible Compatible
TL-SF1016D V4compatible Compatible
TL-SG1005D V5compatible Compatible
TL-SG1008D V5compatible Compatible
TL-SG105 V1compatible Compatible
TL-SG108 V1compatible Compatible

Microsoft Windows 8 drivers are part of Windows 8 operating system. TP-LINK does not have the access to the drivers and can not support them. To find help for issues with Microsoft Windows 8 driver, please refer to