How to set up rate limit through EAP controller

Suitable for EAP controller 2.0.3 or higher controller 2.x version


Rate limit function on EAP is used to set a threshold for client connected to the wireless network. By doing so we can prevent client from occupy too much of the bandwidth to ensure the service level for Wi-Fi users.


The configuration is quite simple. We just need to enable rate limit and fill in a threshold.

After the configuration we can verify that the Download limit is really working.

Some considerations:

  1. Rate limit, or in another words bandwidth control applies to each wireless user connected to the SSID.
  2. For most of the application most of the data flow is from server to client so we just need to set download limit in most of the cases.
  3. Rate limit will consume CPU resource of the EAP device thus it may decrease the total performance of the EAP device. 
This Article Applies to:
EAP245 , EAP220 , EAP115
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